A Bold Vote of Confidence for Even Bolder Action Ahead

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Dear Equality Fund community:

We are thrilled to share the news that philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has donated 10 million USD to the Equality Fund. This unrestricted gift is a bold affirmation of our feminist values and vision. It is a vote of confidence in our model to resource feminist movements with flexible, multi-year funding and deep trust. Most of all, it is evidence of our core purpose in action: liberating capital and redistributing it to feminist leaders working at every level across a global ecosystem of change

Today, we celebrate. This gift is a testament to what this incredible community has built in four short years: Grantee partners, donor partners, sister funds, government partners, staff, board, advisory members, allies, collaborators, and every single feminist who has walked alongside us and pushed us to think bigger and act boldly. Thank you.

Tomorrow, we double down. Big gifts demand even bigger responsibility. As stewards with rock-solid feminist values, we’ve already made $53 million in grants to supercharge the movement ecosystem, from emerging and innovative organizations on the ground to leaders demanding change on the global stage. 

But every single day, we are overwhelmed with requests for more. All of us are watching the threats grow more urgent, including a well-funded anti-gender movement targeting the fundamental freedoms and dignity of women, girls, and LGBTQI+ people the world over. We’ll leverage the compounding effect of this gift to power our grantmaking—supporting scalable solutions all across the globe when they have never been more needed.

This injection of capital will also be a catalyst. Unleashing a wave of new philanthropy is a key part of our vision, and we’re going to use these funds to unlock much more capital for change, especially from those who haven’t given before. Transformation on a global scale demands a table of champions far bigger than the world has ever seen, and this important gift can leverage many more. We’re committed to unlocking resources trapped in the exploitative capitalism of the past and re-channeling them to the leaders building our best future.

Along the way, we will keep reporting back to you. Meeting our purpose rests fundamentally on our accountability to feminist movement leaders doing the work across every corner of the world. We will continue to be guided by the advice of these movements through our dynamic advisory bodies, a board governed by movement leaders, and transparent and participatory decision-making processes. Ultimately, this gift belongs to all of us, as does the responsibility of deploying it with integrity. We encourage and welcome your questions, ideas, and challenges. 

We thank each and every one of you who has brought us here. With this early vote of confidence, we are more emboldened and energized than ever to keep going, keep building, and keep dreaming big. We’re ready to get to work.

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