Equality Fund Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

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We have watched with horror as violence and human suffering continue to escalate in Gaza and Israel, and risk spreading further in the Middle East. The suffering, brutality, and lack of regard for human life and human rights are unconscionable. Our hearts are with the families who are grieving the loss of loved ones and whose deep pain—and hopes for peace and justice—transcend borders. 

The situation is rapidly evolving and most recently over 500 civilians have been killed by an airstrike on a hospital in Gaza. The scale of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is unprecedented. We redouble calls for an immediate ceasefire and the opening of an urgently-needed humanitarian corridor. The severity of the situation also calls for the strictest adherence to—and application of— international law. Anything less constitutes war crimes. 

Justice is the only real antidote to violence and crisis. Peace cannot grow from occupation. The root causes of the attack must be addressed in order to build an enduring peace. We stand resolutely with gender justice movements and will continue to support and lift their voices and leadership. We call for the leadership of women, girls, and trans people to be centred in creating political solutions to the crisis now, and to build lasting solutions to the occupation of Gaza.

The Equality Fund supports close to 30 organizations in the Middle East and North Africa region. In the days ahead, we will exhaust every means available to reach organizations in the region and deliver the funding and humanitarian assistance they urgently require now—and in the months to come.

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