Reporting Misconduct

As a feminist organization, our work acknowledges and addresses abuses of power in all its forms. Unequal gender dynamics and power relationships provide the basis for sexual exploitation and abuse. Due to their unequal status, women, girls, and trans people are particularly at risk of sexual exploitation and abuse. Gender inequalities intersect with other inequalities (such as age, disability, nation of origin, social-economic status, race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs). As an organization based in Canada working internationally, we are particularly aware of our own place in these relationships, and the intersecting power dynamics and the harm that can arise from abuses of power.

The Equality Fund offers safe and confidential reporting mechanisms so that any person can report misconduct, exploitation or abuse by Equality Fund personnel.

Violations or incidents can be submitted without fear of reprisal by using Equality Fund’s toll-free anonymous reporting hotline with options for English, French, and Spanish. The number for this hotline is 1 (877) 874-2531 and it is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Alternatively reports can be made via an anonymous online submission platform.

Disclosures are confidential and the Equality Fund will do everything within its control to protect the identity of the person making the report.

To the best of our ability, the Equality Fund will ensure that complaints made about personnel are adequately responded to, addressed and/or investigated as appropriate.

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