Who We Are

Our future depends on feminism.

Inequality. Poverty. Climate Change. Conflict. All over the world, feminist movements are building solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

Our Purpose and Vision 

Money is power, and shifting power to feminist leaders demands that we fundamentally shift the ways that money flows into their hands. The solution is about mobilizing more resources, but it is also about betting big on an entirely new funding strategy that liberates our movements from dependency on broken models of the past.

Traditional charity models keep money and power at the top, leaving feminist movements starved for steady funding and control over their future.

Our Purpose and Vision

At the Equality Fund, we believe that feminist movements deserve support that is as revolutionary and reliable as they are.

Our Model

We make it possible for investments in feminist movements to go farther and last longer than ever before.

Our Herstory

The Equality Fund is a bold investment in the futurerooted in a four-decade track record of trust.

Our People

Our dynamic community brings decades of deep experience across feminist movements, philanthropy, investing, social enterprise, business, and government.

Our Partners

Partnership is central to the Equality Fund’s values—and is fundamental to our ability to fulfill our radical ambition.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re new. We’re ambitious. We’re building from the ground up. Here are some questions—and answers—about where we are headed. 

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